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There are several possibilities for a nice trip to the Nieuwe-Zorg. From a day to a full week on the water. Optionally with or without catering, BBQ or if you have other wishes, please let us know. A wedding is also on board the Nieuwe-Zorg.





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A daytrip is a nice idea for an outing with friends, family, colleagues or business relations. It offers you the possibility to have a joined activity in sailing and navigating the ship and have a good chat together and enjoy the wind, the water and the sun.


You will be welcomed on board with coffee or tea before the trip begins. After that the hawsers will be cast off and with joined forces we hoist the sails.


How the day will develop depends on you and on the wind: there are several possibilities. It is possible to visit one of the small harbours, or to go fish-eating in Volendam, to buy cheese in Edam or to drink coffee in Marken. We can also just sail the whole day or find a nice anchoring place, in order to prepare a meal or to go swimming.


If you want to be pampered on board, you can enjoy a great diversity of food.


Daytrips (Sunday until Thursday) 1100,00 Euro

Daytrips (Friday, Saturday, Festive days) 1200,00 Euro

Buy off cleaning   95,00 Euro

This is a nice opportunity to relax with friends, family, colleagues or business relations after a day's work. Whilst sailing there is time to chat and to enjoy the sunset and the reflection of the light on the surface of the water. During the evening trip you can also enjoy the diversity of food, or you could start the trip with a nice dinner.


Evening trips (Sunday until Thursday) 600,00 Euro

Evening trips (Friday, Saturday, Festive days) 600,00 Euro

Buy off cleaning   95,00 Euro

Would you like to escape from it all, break the daily routine with friends, family , colleagues or a club? Come and sail with us on the Nieuwe-Zorg and visit with us the beautiful towns around the Ysselmeer and enjoy the nice atmosphere on board.


You come on board the ship on a Friday night and will be welcomed by the skipper and his assistant. You can then stay on board or visit the nightlife of Muiden or Amsterdam. Muiden is the harbour of the ship and it is a nice medieval town with lots of cafes, restaurants and museums.

The next day, we leave the harbor and you can enjoy a nice day on the water. During the weekend you get the opportunity to get to know the ship and to sail, but also to relax, The wind and you yourself decide where we will finish in the evening. Whether it is in one of the beautiful towns around the Ysselmeer or on a nice spot to anchor, it is up to you.


The day after, we will go sailing again and reach Muiden at the end of the afternoon. During the weekend you can use the catering service on board or you can supply the food yourself, entirely or partially.


Weekend 2250,00 Euro

Bed and Breakfast (per person) 40,00 Euro

Buy off cleaning 95,00 Euro

Would you like to get to know the beauty of the Ysselmeer, The Waddenzee or the Friesian lakes? And experience life on the lake with friends, family or classmates, and get to know the little harbours of the Friesian islands? Then you should choose a trip of several days.


This trip can last three days or two weeks, whatever you want. During this time you can get acquainted with the ship and with sailing it, with maneuvers such as changing course and you can navigate the ship yourself if you want. Together with the skipper you determine the route. It will be possible to anchor on the Ysselmeer and to go swimming or stay on a sandbank during the low tide and you can walk on the "wad". Or we can stay on the island to discover the island on a rented bike.



School weeks (Sunday evening until Friday morning) 2850,00 Euro

Midweek (Monday morning until Friday afternoon) 3000,00 Euro

Week (7 days, Sat / Fri or Mon / Sun) 4150,00 Euro

Bed and Breakfast (per person) 40,00 Euro

Buy off cleaning   95,00 Euro

A nice alternative for a hotel is bed and breakfast on board of the Nieuwe-Zorg, especially if you want to stay together as a group after a day's visit to Amsterdam or Muiden.

There is space for 14 to 20 people. You come on board at 8 p.m. and leave the next day after a complete breakfast.



Bed & Breakfast (per person) 40,00 Euro

Buy off cleaning  95,00 Euro

Make use of the possibility to hold a meeting on board of the Nieuwe-Zorg. It is possible to combine sailing with holding a meeting. Below deck is the possibility to hold a meeting for 20 persons, above deck you can relax whilst sailing. Our cook will provide the drinks and the snacks. We can suggest to you a trip of one or two days.



Sailing with a big yacht like the Nieuwe-Zorg means working together as a team. The skipper and his mate will instruct you how to sail the ship so that you can skipper it yourself. This is a nice opportunity to find out how you work as a team. There is plenty of opportunity to make an evaluation.


From 25th. September until 1st May we give 10% discount on the rental price. Excluded is Bed & Breakfast.

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